Take More Profit out of your business-Starts 30th September            

If you know you are making sales but are fed up of not having money left for you, sign up to my free 5 day challenge, designed to help busy entrepreneurs like you to change that for good.


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Why am I not making money?

If you are feeling this a lot, then you are not alone.

Are you fed up of having little or not profit in your business?

Do you wish you could take more of a salary or drawings from your business?

Paid for lots of business building courses, and for lots of software that are supposed to help you grow, only to not cover this money with new sales?

If so, my 5 day free Grow your business finances challenge is for you

Based on a number of things I have learnt during my 15 years as a Bookkeeper and now Accountant.

You will learn:

  • Why spending is not always investing in your business
  • The basic steps to set your business up to make profit
  • How to keep track of what you are spending-and why
  • The best ways of taking money out of the business
  • How to enjoy the new found freedom this gives you

Don’t you deserve a reward for all the hard work you put in your business? Learn the ways you can start getting it!

This isn’t a miracle cure claim, there is work involved and I can’t guarantee you to be rolling in money (if only eh?), but you will learn the techniques to get the best results out of your business in order to make money for yourself. After all, isn’t that a big reason that we do what we do?


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I’m Vicky

I qualified as a Bookkeeper in 2004.

I started my own practice in February 2018 so that I could build a business to help me earn money on my terms, be flexible around my kids and my health, and I genuinely like doing it.

My day to day work includes helping small business owners by taking on their Bookkeeping, calculating tax returns, and filing annual accounts for them

I also create report packages for them on how well their business is doing and point out where things are going wrong.

I want to use these skills and experience to help you to grow your business finances, by working out what you are spending, what money you are taking for yourself, and how to use this information to grow.



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