Stressful, Boring, complicated

These are just some of the words I have heard used to describe by people desperately trying to keep their bookkeeping up to date

Are you keeping your accounting records on excel, but want a quicker and better way of doing things?

Have you tried bookkeeping software online, but feel overwhelmed by it all and just want to know how to get it done?

Fed up of searching help guides for answers that don’t really seem to solve the issue? You could get on site training, but this usually costs £30-£50 per hour dependant on provider and where you are in the country.

If so, my Quickbooks Online training course can help you.

The course is fully online and done in your own time.

You will learn:

  • How to invoice customers and get paid (very important!)
  • How to input bills, credit notes and expense receipts for all those purchases you make by card. Keeping an accurate log of expenses is so important when it comes to doing your taxes.
  • How to integrate your Quickbooks with your online banking for regular payment matching, or if you don’t want to connect, how to import a CSV file downloaded from the bank. Also the importance of keeping your accounts reconciled. This crucial step is often missed, and can cause a lot of problems later on.
  • How to see the profit you are making, and how well the business is doing via some basic reporting functions.
  • If you are VAT registered, you will learn your way around the VAT submission area and about what it all means.
  • There is also a lesson on App’s and I take you through some of the most common app’s that can be connected to Quickbooks to make things even more efficient.

Don’t be stressed, wondering how to get your figures done. This course will make keeping your records so much simpler, you can get more time back to spend on what you want to do.

This price guarantees life time access to the course, no monthly or annual subscriptions!

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I’m Vicky

I have been working with Quickbooks for 7 years now. 

I started using Quickbooks Desktop in 2012 for an employer, and have seen the transition to cloud accounting, and quite frankly it has been amazing.

Quickbooks can be an amazing tool to keep your business finance records, if you know how to use it efficiently that is.

That is why I created this online course. So that small business owners, who don’t yet need a bookkeeper, can manage their own bookkeeping in a quick, easy and efficient manner.

If you already use Quickbooks and need guidance, or if you are currently using spreadsheets or another software and want to see how easy it can be with Quickbooks then register for this course today.

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