Are you self employed?

Not got round to doing your Bookkeeping on an software package?

Want a simple way to manage your income and expenses without signing up for software?

Or, got it all in hand but need some guidance on what can be claimed against income for tax purposes?

If so, our FREE guide to expenses when self employed and accompanying excel workbook is for you!

  • Handy PDF guide on what you can and can’t claim-along with the self assessment form categories
  • Excel work book to keep a log of your income and expenses
  • Mileage log with calculator included
  • Proportion of home as office calculator included

Don’t be drowning in long winded pages to work out what you need to claim and where it goes, our simply guide will talk you through each section of the expenses on a self assessment tax return, and what can and can’t be claimed. If you are looking to keep your Bookkeeping manually on an excel, our workbook has all the sections and calculations you need as a self employed person.

Simply sign up below and we will email it to you

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